Imperial Japanese Ships of the Second World War

This page is still under construction! Please check back soon! I had originally imagined that as a model was submitted I would do a small class spec sheet la Jeff Donahoo approached me with his volumes of information on each class and each ship in each class and I was swayed into providing more detail.

I began placing each spec sheet in each models page, but came to realise that when two of the same model (or multiple ships in the same class) were submited I was placing A LOT of redundante material on the site. So I decided to park the spec sheets here with one REALLY nice model to portray each and then place links on each model to its respective spec sheet and vice versa. Does this make sense to anyone...? Well, I understand and I guess that's what counts!

You just continue surfing and enjoy the site!

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Aircraft Carriers:
When "Class" follows a ships name below more than one ship was planned or completed following the same design. Therefore ship names without "Class" following their name were unique designs.

  • Shinano (Yamato Class)
  • Akagi
  • Kaga
  • Shokaku Class
  • Taiho
  • Soryu
  • Hiryu
  • Unryu Class
  • Hiyo Class
  • Zuiho Class
  • Chitose Class
  • Ryuho
  • Shinyo
  • Ryujo
  • Ibuki
  • Taiyo
  • Hosho Class
  • Chuyo Class
  • Mizuho Class
  • Nisshin Class
  • Yamashiro Maru Class
  • Kumano
  • Shimane Class
  • Akitsu Maru Class
  • Akitsushima Class

  • Battleships:
  • Yamato Class
  • Nagato Class
  • Ise Class
  • Fuso Class
  • Kongo Class

  • Heavy Cruisers:
  • Furutaka Class
  • Aoba Class
  • Myoko Class
  • Takao Class
  • Mogami Class
  • Tone Class

  • Light Cruisers:
  • Oyodo
  • Agano Class
  • Katori Class
  • Yubari
  • Sendai Class
  • Nagara Class
  • Kuma Class
  • Tenryu Class
  • Ioshima Class

  • Destroyers:
  • Kagero Class
  • Asashio Class
  • Hatsuharu Class
  • Shiratsuyu Class
  • Tachibana Class
  • Matsu Class
  • more to come...

  • Submarines:
  • more to come...

  • Lesser vessels:
  • more to come...