Mizuho Class

Information on this class has been compiled by Jeff Donahoo

Standard Displacement: 10,929 tons
Complement: 573

Length: 631'6"
Beam: 61'8"
Draught: 23'3"

24 seaplanes

Diesels: 2 shaft 4-cyc
B.H.P.: 15,200=22 knots
Oil: 3,600 tons
Radius: 8,000 miles @ 16 knots

Ships in class:
Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Mizuho -------- 5/1/37 5/16/38 2/25/39 sunk, 5/4/42

Note: It is possible that if she had survived, she would have been converted into an aircraft carrier along the lines of Chitose, however her diesels would have to have been exchanged with boilers and turbines and it is not certain if this would have been possible.