Ioshima Class

Information on this class has been compiled by Jeff Donahoo

Models of this class:


Standard Displacement: 2,500 tons
Complement: 340

Length: 360’
Beam: 39’
Draught: 13’


Armor: 1” side

Machinery: 2 shaft (3-Ioshima) vertical triple expansion
Boilers: 4 Kanpon
I.H.P.: 9,500=22 knots
Oil: 110 tons
Coal: 600 tons
Radius: 5,000 miles @ 12 knots

Ships in Class:

Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Ioshima 2/20/31 10/10/31 7/31/31 6/28/44 sunk, 9/19/44
Yashojima 9/9/32 9/29/35 6/18/36 6/10/44 sunk, 11/25/44

: These ships were formally Chinese light cruisers (with a length of 360' these were very small light cruisers by international standards. The IJN destryer Kagero was 388' in length and the Kagero class was a standard sized destroyer). They were sunk by the Japanese in 1937 by aircraft. Captured and refloated by Japan in 1938, they served as barracks hulks with new names. In 1943 it was decided to take over these ships due to a shortage of escorts and they were refitted with lighter Japanese weapons. They were rated Coast Defense Ships (Kaibokan) instead of cruisers (Junyokan).
Ioshima ex-Mikura (barracks hulk), ex-Ning Hai and Yashojima ex-Ping Hai