Katori Class

Katori built by Harvey Low

Models of this class:
  • Katori Class by Harvey Low

    Line Drawing from Kashima Aoshima kit instructions.

    Information on this class has been compiled by Jeff Donahoo

    Standard Displacement: 5,890 tons
    Full Load Displacement: 6,753 tons

    Length: 438'
    Beam: 52'-6"
    Draught: 18'-9" (mean)


  • 4-5.5"/50cal
  • 6-5"/40cal
  • 25-25mm
  • 4-21" torpedo tubes (removed from Kashima, Kashii)

  • Armor: none
    Machinery: 2 shaft Kanpon turbines
    Boilers: 3 Kanpon HO-GO
    S.H.P.: 7,000=18 knots
    Oil: 600 tons
    Radius: 9,900 miles @ 12 knots

    Ships in class:

    Meaning: Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture
    Builder: Mitsubishi Zosenho, Yokohoma
    Ordered: 101 1939 4th Replacement Program
    Laid Down: 5/30/40
    Launched: 2/14/41
    Completed: 7/15/41
    Fate: sunk, 1/12/45
    Fleet Assignments:
    1st South Expeditionary Fleet 12/41-12/43
    Kure Training Squadron 12/43-3/44
    1st Surface Escort Division 5/44-11/44
    101 Escort Squadron 11/44-1/45
    Wartime Commanders:

    Service Notes:
    3/44 Conversion to escort ship 2-5" added torpedo tubes removed
    1/12/45 sunk by one torpedo and two bombs off French Indochina (13.50N 109.20E).
    Although she sank in shallow water, only 19 of her crew were saved

    Meaning: Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture
    Builder: Mitsubishi Zosenho, Yokohoma
    Ordered: 73 1938
    Laid Down: 10/16/38
    Launched: 9/25/39
    Completed: 5/31/40
    Fate: scrapped
    Fleet Assignments:
    4th Fleet 12/41-11/43
    Kure Training Sqd 11/43-1/45
    102 Escort Sqd 1/45-7/45
    1st Escort Fleet 7/45-8/45
    Wartime Commanders:

    Service Notes:
    5/19/45 sank Daishin Maru in collision
    8/15/45 surrendered at Nanao
    6/47 scrapped at Kogyagishima

    Meaning: Shrine near Mt Unebi, Nara Prefecture
    Builder: Mitsubishi Zosenho, Yokohoma
    Ordered: 237 1941 Program
    Laid Down: 8/23/41
    Launched: n/a
    Completed: n/a
    Fate: cancelled 11/6/41
    Fleet Assignments:
    Wartime Commanders:
    Service Notes:
    11/6/41 Canceled and scrapped on slip

    Meaning: Shrine on Tone River in Chiba Prefecture
    Builder: Mitsubishi Zosenho, Yokohoma
    Ordered: 72 1938
    Laid Down: 8/24/38
    Launched: 6/17/39
    Completed: 4/20/40
    Fate: sunk, 2/17/44
    Fleet Assignments:
    SubRon1 11/40-5/41
    6th Fleet 5/41-2/44
    Wartime Commanders:
    *Capt Iso Kanooka -2/44
    Service Notes:
    2/17/44 1341hrs sunk 40 miles NW Truk (07.45N 151.20E) by USS Minneapolis (CA-36)
    and USS New Orleans (CA-32)