Shinano (Yamato Class)

Shinano built by Noel Carpio

Models of this class:
  • Shinano by Noel Carpio
  • Shinano by Chris Timony
  • Shinano by Jason Abraham
  • Shinano by Bill Waldorf

  • Information on this class has been compiled by Jeff Donahoo

    Standard Displacement: 64,800 tons
    Complement: 2,515

    Length: 872'-2"
    Beam: 119'-1"
    Draught: 33'-10" (mean)

    16 - 5"/40
    47 aircraft
    20 A6M5 'Zero'*
    20 D4Y2 'Judy'*
    7 C6N1 'Myrt'*
    * by design, but the ship never carried aircraft due to being sunk before completion.

    8" side
    3" Flight Deck
    8" Hanger Deck

    Flight Deck: 840'x131'9"

    Machinery: 4 shaft Kanpon turbines
    Boilers: 12 Kanpon S.H.P.: 150,000=27 knots
    Oil: 8,904 tons
    Radius: 10,000 miles @ 18 knots

    Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
    Shinano Yokosuka NY 5/4/40 10/5/44 11/18/44 sunk 11/29/44

    Note: converted from a Yamato class battleship. The Shinano was not intended to be a fleet carrier, but rather a
    replenishment carrier for other fleet carriers. The date of "completion" is really when she was commissioned. In reality,
    she still had several months before construction would have been completed. She was the first Japanses carrier to have an armored
    flight deck utilizing concrete. The Taiho fleet carrier was the only other Japanese armored carrier, but her
    design used reinforced steel. Ironically, both ships were sunk by torpedoes and their armored flight decks were never put to the test.