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January, 1945

Jan. 2

CD-138 sunk off San Fernando, Luzon (16.37N 120.19E) by US

Jan. 4

W-41 sunk off Takao (25.53N 121.08E) by US aircraft
USS Ommany Bay (CVE-79) sunk 50 miles west of Panay by a

Jan. 5

T-107 sunk by USS Fanning (DD-386) off Chichi Jima
(26.27N 141.11E)
T-154 sunk by USS Dunlap (DD-384) off Iwo Jima (24.27N 141.20E)
Shinshu (Maru) 21.57N 119.44E
USS Swordfish (SS-193) sunk by CD-4

Jan. 7

Hinoki sunk at 2257hrs 50 miles WSW Manila Bay (14.30N 119.30E)
by USS Charles Ausburne (DD-570)
USS Hovey (DMS-11) torpedoed by Japanese aircraft in
Lingayen Gulf
USS Long (DMS-12) sunk by a Kamikaze in Lingayen Gulf
USS Palmer (DMS-5) sunk by Japanese aircraft in Lingayen Gulf

Jan. 9

CD-3 sunk in Keelung Harbor (27.10N 121.45E) by US aircarft
Ch-61 sunk NW of Takao (22.40N 121.04E) by US aircraft

Jan. 10

CD-42 sunk by USS Puffer (SS-268) 100 miles west of Okinawa
(27.01N 126.34E)

Jan. 12

Kashii sunk by US naval aircraft 55 miles north Cape Varella
(13.50N 109.20E) 19 saved
Chiburi CD-17, CD-19 sunk by US naval aircraft 45 miles east
Cape San Jacques (10.20N 107.50E)
CD-35, CD-43, PF 103, W-101, Ch-31 7miles SW Cape Padaran
(11.10N 108.55E)
CD-23, CD-51 sunk in Quinhon Bay (14.15N 109.10E)
Ch-43 sunk in Camranh Bay
T-140 sunk at Saigon (10.20N 107.50E)
I-12 (*Cdr Kudo Kaneo) missing 114 dead 0 saved
French cruiser Lamotte-Picque and survey ship Octant are sunk at
Saigon by US Naval aircraft

Jan. 13

I-362 (LtCdr Nakajima Hidenosuke) sunk by USS Fleming (DE-32)
(12.08N 154.27E)

Jan. 14

Yurishima sunk by USS Cobia (SS-245) off Malaya (05.51N 103.16E)

Jan. 15

Hatakaze (Lt Takayanagi Chikamitsu) sunk at Takao, Formosa
(22.37N 120.15E) by US naval Aircraft
Tsuga sunk by US naval aircraft at Makung, Pescadores
(23.23N 119.33E)
Momi sunk at 1830hrs 28 miles WSW Manila (14.00N 120.20E)
210 dead 5 saved
T-14 sunk at Takao (22.57N 120.15E) by US aircraft
USS PT-73 wrecked in Baliquias Bay, Mindoro

Jan. 17

T-15 sunk by USS Tautog (SS-199) off Kyushu (31.06N 130.34E)

Jan. 19

HMS Porpoise (N.19) sunk by Japanese aircraft

Jan. 21

Saga sunk at Hong Kong by US Aircraft
Shuri (Maru)

Jan. 23

I-48 (*LtCdr Toyama Matsunobu) sunk by USS Corbesier (DE-106)
off Ulithi (09.45N 138.02E) 0 saved

Jan. 24

Shigure (LtCdr Hagiwara Manubu) sunk 160 miles east Khoto Buaru,
Malaya by USS Blackfin (SS-322) 36 dead 270 saved
USS Extractor (ARS-15) sunk in error by USS Guardfish (SS-217)

Jan. 28

Kume sunk by USS Spadefish (SS-411) off Tsingtau, China
(33.54N 122.55E)

Jan. 29

USS Serpens (AK-97) sunk by internal explosion off Guadalcanal

Jan. 31

Ume (LtCdr Onishi Yoshiharu) 20 miles sunk south of Formosa
(22.40N 120.00E) by US Aircraft 77 dead
RO-115 (*Lt Chikuma Chuzo) sunk at 0001hrs 125 miles SW Manila
(13.20N 119.20E) by USS Bell (DD-587)
USS PT-338 wrecked on Semirara Island, Philippines
USS PC-1129 sunk by Japanese suicide boat off Nasugbu, Luzon


February, 1945

Feb. 1

Shiretoko sunk at Singapore (01.20N 103.50E) by US aircraft
USS PT-77 and PT-79 sunk in error by USS Conygham (DD-371) off
Talin Point, Luzon

Feb. 2

Ch-28 (09.05N 124.40E) by US Aircraft

Feb. 3

Karatsu scuttled in Manila Bay

Feb. 4

USS Barbel (SS-316) sunk by Japanese aircraft in Palawan Passage

Feb. 5

CD-144 sunk by USS Besugo (SS-321)(04.11N 104.35E)

Feb. 7

CD-53 sunk by USS Besugo (SS-321) off Camranh Bay
(11.55N 109.20E)
RO-55 (*LtCdr Suwa Koichiro) sunk at 2330hrs by USS Thomason
(DD-627)off Iba, Luzon (15.27N 119.25E)

Feb. 8

T-143 sunk at Pescadores Islands (23.30N 119.40E)

Feb. 11

RO-112 (*Lt Yuchi Toroo) sunk at 2202hrs by USS Batfish (SS-310)
in Babuyan Channel (18.53N 121.59E)
USS LST-577 torpedoed by RO-50 east of Mindanao

Feb. 12

RO-113 (*Lt Harada Kiyoshi) sunk at 0450hrs by USS Batfish
(SS-310) (19.10N 121.23E)

Feb. 14

CD-9 sunk by USS Gato (SS-212)SW Quelpart IS. (32.43N 125.37E)
USS YMS-48 sunk by Japanese shore guns off Corregidor

Feb. 16

Naryu sunk by USS Sennet (SS-408) SE of Honshu (32.10N 139.58E)

Feb. 17

CD-56 sunk by USS Bowfin (SS-287) 5 miles east of Makurajima
(33.34N 139.43E)
T-114 sunk off Formosa (23.04N 120.30E) by US aircraft

Feb. 20

Nokaze (LtCdr Tarou Ebihau) sunk sunk at 0228hrs by USS Pargo
(SS-264) off Cape Varella (12.48N 109.38E)

Feb. 21

USS Bismarck Sea (CVE-95) sunk by a Kamikaze 45 miles east of
Iwo Jima

Feb. 22

Shonan sunk at 0244hrs by USS Hoe (SS-258) south of Hainan
(17.52N 110.05E)

Feb. 23

Yaku sunk at 1004hrs by USS Hammerhead (SS-364) 15 miles south
Cape Verella (12.44N 109.29E)
Ch-23 sunk US aircraft off Cape Padaran (11.30N 109.00E)

Feb. 24

I-371 (*LtCdr Kamihiroshi Yasuo ) sunk by USS Lagarto (SS-371)off
Bungo Suido (32.40N 132.33E) 84 dead 0 saved

Feb. 26

I-370 (*Fujikawa Susumu) sunk at 1010hrs by USS Finnegan
(DE-307) off Iwo Jima (22.45N 141.27E) 84 dead 0 saved
RO-43 (*Lt Tsukigata Seiki) sunk by USS Anzio (CVE-57) 50 miles
WNW Iwo Jima(25.07N 140.19E)

Feb. 27

I-368 (*LtCdr Irisawa Mitsuteru ) sunk by USS Anzio (CVE-57)
35 miles west of Iwo Jima (24.43N 140.37E) 85 dead 0 saved

March, 1945

Mar. 1

Manadzuru sunk off Okinawa (26.17N 127.35E) by US aircraft
Kinesaki sunk in Kwai Bay (28.10N 129.05E)
Tsubame sunk off Ishigaki Jima (24.23N 124.12E)

Mar. 3

Hario sunk by mine off Cape Bastian (18.10N 109.40E)

Mar. 4

Ch-8 sunk by HMS Trenchant 85 miles south of Penang
(04.04N 100.35E)

Mar. 5

W-15 sunk by USS Tilefish (SS-307) off Akuseki Shima
(29.30N 129.33E)

Mar. 9

French ships at Saigon are scuttled : Marne, Ch-111, Ch-112,
Vigilante, Francis Garnier, My Tho and Tourane

Mar. 10

French sloop Amiral Charner scuttled in Indochina

Mar. 12

French survey ship La Perouse is scuttled

Mar. 13

CD-66 sunk by US aircraft (23.30N 117.10E)

Mar. 16

CD-69 sunk by US aircraft 5 miles off Hong Kong (22.00N 113.40E)

Mar. 18

T-18 sunk by USS Springer (SS-404) off Mutsurejima
(26.38N 127.12E)

Mar. 19

Suma sunk by mine 51 miles upriver from Kaingyin, China

Mar. 20

USS Kete (SS-369) sunk by RO-41 east of Okinawa (There is some
doubt if RO-41 sank Kete)

Mar. 21

Tateishi sunk off Nha Trang, Indochina (11.50N 109.10E) by US
Ch-33 sunk south of Cape Varella (12.30N 109.00E) by US aircraft

Mar. 23

RO-41 (*Lt Honda Yoshikuni) sunk at 0100hrs by USS Haggard
(DD-555) 320 miles SE Okinawa (22.57N 132.19E)

Mar. 24

Tomodzuru sunk 230 miles SE Shanghai (28.25N 124.32E) by US
CD-68 sunk 170 miles off Amami-Oshima (30.00N 126.36E) by
US aircraft

Mar. 25

Ch-54 sunk by USS Pollock (SS-180) 75 mile north of Chichi Jima
(28.34N 142.14E)

Mar. 26

Ch-34 sunk by HMS Saumarez (G.12) east of Andaman Islands
(10.35N 94.32E)
CH-63 sunk by HMS Volage (R.41) east of Andaman Islands
(10.38N 94.42E)
USS Halligan (DD-584) sunk by mine 3 miles SW Maye Shima,

Mar. 27

Odate sunk by USS Trigger (SS-237) 200 miles SW Kyushu
(30.40N 127.50E)

Mar. 28

Mikura sunk by USS Threadfin (SS-410) 31.49N 131.44E) 0 saved
W-11 sunk off Makassar, Celebes (05.06S 119.14E) by US aircarft
PF-108 (04.15N 119.05E)
CD-33 sunk by USS Hornet (CV-12) SSE of Miyazaki
(31.45N 131.25E)
USS Trigger (SS-237) sunk by Mikura, CD-33 and CD-59 in
Nansei Soto
USS Skylark (AM-63) mined off Hagushi, Okinawa

Mar. 29

CD-18 and CD-130 sunk by US aircraft 110 miles north Cape Varella
(14.44N 109.16E)
CD-84 sunk by USS Hammerhead (SS-364) 115 miles north of Cape
Varella (14.44N 109.16E)

Mar. 31

I-8 (*LtCdr Sinohara Shigeo) sunk at 0412hrs by USS Morrison
(DD-560) off Okinawa (25.59N 128.35E) 130 dead 1 saved

April, 1945

Apr. 2

T-17 sunk by US aircraft Amami-Oshima (28.07N 129.09E)
CD-186 sunk by US aircraft off Amami-Oshima (28.07N 129.09E)

Apr. 3

USS YMS-71 sunk by mine off Borneo

Apr. 4

Mokuto mined at 0905hrs in Shimonoseki Strait (33.53N 131.03E)
T-145 sunk (32.24N, 128.40E)
LST-675 wrecked off Okinawa
USS LSM-12 sunk by Japanese suicide boat off Okinawa

Apr. 5

RO-49 (*LtCdr Go Yasuo) sunk at 0800hrs by USS Hudson (DD-475)
west of Okinawa (26.22N 126.30E)
USS Dickerson (APD-21) scuttled 16 miles east of Kerma Rotta after
being damaged by Kamikazes

Apr. 6

Isuzu sunk at 0820hrs by USS Gabilan (SS-252) 30 miles north of Soembawa
Island (07.38S 118.09E)
Amatsukaze (LtCdr Morita Tomoyuki) sunk 6 miles east of Amoy,
China (24.30N 118.10E) by US Army aircraft 44 dead
CD-1 and CD-134 sunk 40 miles SSW Amoy, China
(23.55N 117.40E) by US aircraft
W-12 sunk by USS Besugo (SS-321) in Saniri Strait, Sumbawa Island
(08.13N 119.14E)
USS Bush (DD-529) and USS Colhoun (DD-801) sunk by Kamikaze's
50 miles north of Naha, Okinawa
USS Emmons (DMS-22) sunk by a Kamikaze NE of Ie Shima

Apr. 7

1230hrs Asashimo (*Cdr Sugihara Yoshiro) sunk 130 miles WSW
Kagoshima (30.50N 128.00E) 330 dead 0 saved
1247hrs Hamakaze (Cdr Mukoi Isami) sunk 130 miles WSW
Kagoshima (30.22N 128.04E)100 dead 257 saved
1406hrs Yahagi (Capt Hara Tameichi) sunk 130 miles WSW
Kagoshima (30.47N 128.08E) 446 dead
1423hrs Yamato (*RA Ariga Kosaku) sunk 130 miles WSW
Kagoshima (30.22N 128.04E) 2,498 dead 269 saved
1657hrs Kasumi (LtCdr Matsumoto Shoohei) sunk 130 miles WSW
Kagoshima (30.50N 128.05E) 17 dead 321 saved
2240hrs Isokaze (Cdr Maeda Saneo) scuttled after being damaged by
aircraft from USS Bunker Hill sunk 130 miles WSW Kagoshima
(30.46N 128.05E) 20 dead 285 save
USS LST-447 sunk by a Kamikaze off Okinawa
USS YMS-103 sunk by mine off Okinawa

Apr. 9

RO-46 (*LtCdr Kimura Masao) sunk by USS Monssen (DD-798) off
RO-56 (*Lt Nagamatsu Masateru) sunk at 0700hrs by USS Mertz
(DD-691) 45 miles east Okinawa (26.09N 130.21E)
W-3 sunk by USS Parche (SS-384) 65 miles NE Sendai
(39.06N 141.57E)
USS Snook (SS-279) sunk by Okinawa, CD-8, CD-32 and CD-52

Apr. 10

I-44 (*LtCdr Matsuzawa Kiyoshi) sunk by USS Fieberling (DE-640)
(23.12N 132.23E)

Apr. 12

USS Manart L. Able (DD-753) sunk off Okinawa by a Okha bomb

Apr. 14

Nomi sunk by USS Tirante (SS-420) west of Wuelpart Is
(23.25N 126.15E)

Apr. 15

Ch-7 sunk by RAF (08.57N 93.38E)
CD-31 sunk by USS Tirante (SS-420)off Quelpart IS.
(34.25N 126.15E)

Apr. 16

USS Pringle (DD-477) sunk 72 miles NE Naha, Okinawa by a
CD-73 sunk by USS Sunfish (SS-281) 2 miles off Todosaki (39.36N 142.05E)

Apr. 18

I-56 (*LtCdr Shoda Keihi) sunk at 1400hrs by USS Bataan (CVL-29)
(26.42N 130.38E)

Apr. 22

USS Swallow (AM-65) sunk by a Kamikaze off Okinawa

Apr. 23

U-183 sunk by USS Besugo (SS-321) in the Java Sea

Apr. 28

Hatsushima sunk by USS Sennet (SS-408) off Kii Suido
(33.58N 136.17E)
Teishu (Maru) sunk by USS Bream (SS-243) off Tanjong Pt. Porneo
(04.15N 111.17E)
Ch-17 and T-146 sunk by USS Springer (SS-414) off Osezaki
(32.25N 128.46E)

Apr. 29

RO-109 (*LtCdr Ebato Kazuo) sunk by USS Tulagi (CVE-72) 220
miles SE Okinawa (24.15N 131.16E)

May, 1945

May 2

Oga sunk by USS Springer (SS-414) (33.56N 122.49E)
USS YMS-481 sunk by Japanese shore guns off Tarakan, Borneo

May 3

CD-25 sunk by USS Springer (SS-414) 180 miles WSW Mokpo,
Korea (38.56N 122.49E)
USS Largarto (SS-371) sunk by Hatsutaka in Gulf of Siam
USS LSM®-195 sunk by a Kamikaze off Okinawa

May 4

W-20 sunk by USS Trepang (SS-412) 40 miles SE Mokpo, Korea
(34.16N 123.37E)
USS Luce (DD-522) sunk 61 miles NW Naha, Okinawa by a
USS Morrison (DD-560) sunk 51 miles north of Naha, Okinawa by
USS LSM®-190 and LSM®-194 are sunk by Kamikazes off Okinawa

May 7

W-29 sunk by mine in Kanmon Strait (34.02N 130.54E)

May 13

USS Little (DD-803) sunk 73 miles west of Naha, Okinawa by a

May 15

Haguaro (*Capt Sugiura Kaju) sunk at 0250hrs 27 miles WSW Penang
(05.00N 99.30E) by Royal Navy destroyers ~850 dead 320 saved

May 16

Hatsutaka sunk by USS Hawkbill (SS-366) (04.49N 109.21E)

May 18

USS Longshaw (DD-559) wrecked off Okinawa and destroyed by
Japanese shore guns
USS LST-808 sunk by Japanese aircraft off Ie Shima

May 22

Ch-37 west of Taira Shima (29.45N 129.10E) by USS Bennington
Ch-58 west of Taira Shima (29.45N 129.10E) by USS Hornet (CV-12)
T-173 west of Taira Shima (29.45N 129.10E by US aircraft

May 25

W-34 sunk by USS Chubb (SS-329) NNE of Kepulauan
(06.15S 116.01E)
USS Bates (APD-47) sunk off Hasushi, Ie Shima by a Kamikaze
USS LSM-135 sunk by a Kamikaze off Okinawa

May 26

USS PC-1603 sunk by a Kamikaze off Okinawa

May 28

USS Drexler (DD-741) sunk 35 miles NNW Naha, Okinawa by a

May 30

I-361 (Lt Matsuura Masaharu) sunk by USS Anzio (CVE-57) 400
miles SE Okinawa (22.22N 134.09E) 81 dead 0 saved

June, 1945

June 6

USS Sheepscot (AOG-24)

June 8

Ashigara (*Capt Miura Hayao ) sunk at 1237hrs by HMS Trenchant
14 miles WSW Mutok (01.59S 104.56E) while transporting troops.
~200 crew and ~1,200 troops dead 853 crew and 400 troops saved
USS Salute (AM-294) sunk by mine

June 9

CD-4 sunk by USS SeaOwl (SS-405) 50 miles SE Mokpo, Korea
(34.18N 127.18E)

June 10

USS William D Porter (DD-579) sunk by a Kamikaze 35 miles NNW
Naha, Okinawa
I-122 (*Lt Mihara Sosaku) sunk by USS Skate (SS-305)
(37.29N 137.25E)

June 12

Ch-57 sunk by HMS Tartar (G.43) 45 miles NW Sabang (06.20N 94.45E)

June 16

USS Twiggs (DD-591) sunk by Japanese aircraft 2 miles west of
Hagushi, Okinawa

June 17

Eijo (Maru) sunk by USS Spadefish (SS-411) off Matsuta Misaki
(42.43N 139.57E)

June 18

USS YMS-50 mined off Balikpapan

June 21

USS LSM-59 towing USS Barry (APD-29) when both were hit and
sunk by a Kamaikaze off Kerma Rotto, Okinawa. Barry had been
damaged on May 25th

June 26

Enoki (Lt Wakabayashi Bujiro) sunk by mine off Fukui
(32.28N 135.44E)
USS YMS-39 mined off Balikapapan

June 27

I-165 sunk 450 miles east of Saipan by US aircraft 106 dead 0 saved
Ch-2 sunk by USS Blueback (SS-326) north of Lombok Strait
(07.30S 116.15)

June 28

USS YMS-365 mined off Balikapapan

July, 1945

July 1

CD-72 sunk by USS Haddo off Changsan, Korea (38.08N 124.28E)

July 8

HMNS O-19 wrecked on Ladd Reef, 300 miles NW Brunei Bay

July 9

USS YMS-84 mined off Balikapapan

July 10

W-27 sunk by USS Runner (SS-476) 55 miles off Tadosaki
(39.20N 142.07E)
USS SC-521 foundered in storm off Santa Cruz, Solomons

July 11

Sakura (*LtCdr Shimobe Shoji) sunk by mine off Osaka
(34.36N 135.38E) 130 dead

July 14

Tachibana (LtCdr Hayashi Toshifusa) sunk off Hokodate, Hokkaido
(41.48N 141.41E) 135 dead
CD-65and CD-74 sunk by US aircraft 15 miles south Muroran,
Hokkaido (42.12N 140.59E)
Ch-48 sunk at Kamaishi (30.20N 141.58E) by US aircraft
I-351 sunk at 0411hrs by USS Bluefish (SS-222) 100 miles NE
Netuna Besar Island (04.30N 110.00E)

July 15

W-24 sunk off Omasaki (41.38N 141.00E) by US aircraft
CD-219 sunk 2 miles SW Hakodate (41.48N 140.41E) by US aircraft

July 16

Kari sunk by USS Baya (SS-318) 220 miles WSW Makassar
(05.48S 115.53E)
I-13 sunk at 1140hrs by USS Lawrence C Taylor (DE-415) 550 miles
SE Yokosuka (38.28N 150.55E) 140 dead 0 saved
USS Gamble (DMS-15) scuttled off Apra Harbor, Guam after being
damaged Feb. 18 off Iwo Jima by Japanese aircraft


Adzuma sunk by US aircraft(35.18N 139.40E)
CD-112 sunk by USS Barb (SS-220) in Aniwa Bay, Sakhalin Is
(46.06N 142.16E)
I-372 (Lt Takahashi Shingo) sunk at Yokosuka by US aircraft 0 dead
USS Bonefish (SS-223) sunk by Okinawa, CD-63, CD-75, CD-158,
CD-207 off southern Honshu

July 20

W-39 sunk by USS Threadfin (SS-410) NW of Mokpo, Korea
(35.01N 125.42E)

July 24

Tone sunk off Nomijima (34.14N 132.27E)
HMS Squirrel sunk by mine
USS Underhill (DE-682) torpedoed by Kaitn from I-53 250 miles east
Cape Engano, Luzon

July 25

Patrol Boat 2 sunk 175 miles east of Soerabaja (07.06S 114.42E)
CD-30 sunk in Yura Strait (34.20N 135.00E) by US aircraft

July 26

HMS Vestal (J.215) sunk by Japanese aircraft

July 28

1615hrs Haruna (Capt Yoshimura Motake) sunk 8 miles NW Kure
(34.15N 132.29E) 65 dead
Hyuga(*RA Kusagawa Kiyoshi) sunk off Kure (34.10N 132.33E)
Ise (*Capt Mutaguchi Kakuro) sunk 5 miles NW Kure
(34.12N 132.31E) 50 dead
Aoba sunk off Nabe Jima (34.13N 132.31E)
Oyodo (Capt Taguchi Shoichi) sunk off Edachi (34.12N 132.25E)
~300 dead
Idzumo sunk off Eta Jima (34.14N 132.30E)
Iwate sunk off Eta Jima (34.14N 132.30E)
Nashi (LtCdr Takada Toshio) off Mitajirizaki, Kure (34.14N 132.30E)
17 dead
CD-4 sunk in Toba Harbor (34.28N 136.42E)
Ch-14 sunk off Owase (35.05N 136.15E
Komahashi sunk at Owase

July 29

USS Callaghan (DD-792) sunk by a Kamikaze 52 miles WSW of
Naha, Okinawa

July 30

Hatsushimo (LtCdr Nagakuru Yoshiharu) sunk by mine 12 miles
WNW Maizuru (35.33N 135.12E) 17 dead
Okinawa sunk 6 miles NNW Maizuru (35.30N 135.31E)
Toshima off Maizuru by US aircraft
CD-2 sunk at Maizuru by US aircraft
Ch-26 by US aircraft (34.47N 128.27E)
USS Indianapolis (CA-35) sunk by I-58

August, 1945

Aug. 1

Ikara sunk by mine in Koguchi Channel, Nanao Wan
(37.05N 137.00E)

Aug. 6

USS Bullhead (SS-332) sunk by Japanese aircraft (73rd Chitai) off
Bali, Java

Aug. 7

CD-39 sunk by US aircraft off Kuche Is, Korea (35.06N 129.03E)

Aug. 8

Tokiwa (41.20N 141.59E) by US aircraft

Aug. 9

Amakusa sunk in Onagawa Wan (38.26N 141.30E)
Inagi sunk off Hachinobe (40.32N 141.30E)
W-33 sunk in Onagawa Wan by US aircraft

Aug. 10

T-21 sunk off Tsuwa Jima (33.59N 132.31E)
W-1 Yamada Wan (38.26N 141.30E)
CD-63 sunk at 1830hrs by mine in Nanao Bay (37.08N 136.50E)
CD-82 sunk 7 miles SSW Kumsden, Korea (41.21N 130.00E) by
Soviet aircraft
Ch-42 Onagawa Wan (38.26N 141.30E)

Aug. 13

CD-6 sunk by USS Atule (SS-403) 50 miles off Cerino Saki,
Hokkaido (42.11N 142.14)

Aug. 14

I-373 (*LtCdr Inaba Yukio) sunk at 0500hrs by USS Spikefish
(SS-404) (29.02N 123.53E) 85 dead 1 saved
CD-47 sunk by USS Torsk (SS-423) 14 miles WNW Maizuru
(35.41N 134.38E)
CD-13 sunk by USS Torsk (SS-423) 14 miles WNW Maizuru
(35.41N 134.38E)

Aug. 15

Kanju sunk by Soviet aircraft off Wasan, Korea (39.10N 127.27E)

Aug. 17

CD-46 sunk off Mokpo, Korea (34.51N 126.02E) by mine

Aug. 18

CD-213 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Pusan, Korea (35.00N 129.00E)

Aug. 23

CD-75 scuttled

October, 1945

Oct. 29

I-363 (*LtCdr Kihara) sunk by mine 33 dead 10 saved

December, 1945

Dec. 10

Ch-51 wrecked at Sasebo