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January, 1943

-Jan. 10-

-USS Argonaut (APS-1) sunk by Isokaze and Maikaze SE of New Britain
-Okikaze (*LtCdr Iuchi Gisaburu) sunk by USS Trigger (SS-237) 35 miles SE of Yokosuka
(35.02N 140.12E)

-Jan. 11-

-USS PT-43 and PT-112 sunk off Savo Is

-Jan. 12-

-USS Worden (DD-352) wrecked on Amchitka Island. Alaska
-USS PT-28 wrecked in Dora Harbor, Alaska

-Jan. 18-

-Australian cargo ship Kalingo (2,051grt) sunk by I-21
-US tanker Mobilube (10,222grt) is damaged beyond repair by I-21

-Jan. 22-

-US cargo ship Peter H Burnett (7,176grt) is damaged beyond repair by I-21

-Jan. 23-

-Hakaze is sunk by USS Guardfish (SS-217) 105 miles NNE Men'do (02.47N 156.38E)

-Jan. 29-

-I-1 (*LtCdr Eiichi Sakamoto) is sunk off Kamimbo Bay, Guadalcanal (09.13S 159.40E) at
2105hrs by HMNZS Kiwi 30 dead 50 saved
-US cargo ship Samual Grompers (7,176grt) sunk by I-10

-Jan. 30-

-USS Chicago (CA-29) is sunk 30 miles north of Rennell Island by Japanese aircraft

February, 1943

-Feb. 1-

-Makigumo (Cdr Igamu Fujita ) is sunk by mine at 0115hrs 3 miles SSW of Savo Is.
(09.15S 159.47E) 3 dead 237 saved
-USS DeHaven (DD-469) is sunk by Japanese aircraft 2 miles east of Savo Island
-USS PT-37 sunk by Kawakaze off Cape Esperance, Guadalcanal
-USS PT-111 and PT-123 sunk off Guadalcanal by Japanese destroyers

-Feb. 8-

-British cargo ship Iron Knight (4,812grt) sunk by I-21

-Feb. 9-

-US cargo ship Star King (7,176grt) sunk by I-21

-Feb. 11-

-I-18 (*Cdr Tomichi Muraoka) is sunk at 1238hrs by USS Fletcher (DD-445) in the Coral Sea
(14.15S 161.59E)

-Feb. 13-

-USS Macaw (ASR-11) wrecked at Midway

-Feb. 14-

-USS Amberjack (SS-219) sunk by Hiyodori and Ch-18 off Cape St. George, New Britain

-Feb. 20-

-Oshio (Cdr Hiromu Hirose) sunk 70 miles NW Manus, Admiralty Islands (00.05S 156.06E)
by USS Albacore (SS-218)

March, 1943

-Mar. 3-

-Arashi (*Cdr Hideo Kuboki) 72 dead 176 saved, Asashio (*Cdr Gorou Yoshii) 241 dead 0 saved
-Shirayuki (Cdr Rokorou Sugihara) 32 dead and Tokitsukaze (Cdr Masayoshi Motokura) 19 dead
and Noshima, are sunk by US Army aircraft 55 miles SE of Finschhafen (07.15S 148.30E)

-Mar. 5-

-USS Grampus (SS-207) sunk by Minegumo in Blackett Strait
-Minegumo (*Cdr Yoshio Uesugi) is sunk at 0115 by US cruisers 9 miles NE Vila, Kolombangara
(08.01S 157.14E) 46 dead 124 saved
-Murasame (LtCdr Youji Tanegashima) sunk 5 miles NE Kolombangara (08.03S 157.13E) by US
cruisers 190 dead 53 saved

-Mar. 15-

-USS Triton (SS-201) sunk by Satsuki north of Admiralty Islands

-Mar. 17-

-USS PT-119 sunk at Tufi, New Guinea by accidental explosion

-Mar. 20-

-British cargo ship Fort Mumford (7,132grt) is sunk by I-27

April, 1943

-Apr. 3-

-Ch-13 sunk by USS Pickerel (SS-177) SE of Shiriysaki, Honshu (41.03N 141.58E)
-USS Pickerel (SS-177) sunk by Shirakami off northern Honshu

-Apr. 5-

-RO-34 (*Lt Rikichi Tomita) sunk off Russell Islands by USS O'Bannon (DD-450)
(08.15S 158.55E)

-Apr. 7-

-USS Aaron Ward (DD-483) sunk 3 miles SW of Tulagi Harbor, Guadalcanal by Japanese aircraft
-USS Kanawha (AO-1) sunk by Japanese aircraft west of Tulagi
-HMNZS Moa sunk by Japanese aircraft off Tulagi

-Apr. 9-

-Isonami (LtCdr Masaomi Araki) sunk 35 miles SE Wangi Wangi Is. (05.26S 123.04E) by
USS Tautog (SS-199)

-Apr. 11-

-Yugoslav cargo ship Recina (4,732grt) sunk by I-26

-Apr. 22-

-USS Grenadier (SS-210) sunk by Japanese aircraft (936 Kokutai) off Penang, Malaya

-Apr. 23-

-Patrol Boat 39 sunk 150 miles NE Formosa (23.25N 122.45E) by USS Seawolf (SS-197)

-Apr. 24-

-Australian cargo ship Kowarra (2,125grt) sunk by I-26

-Apr. 26-

-British cargo ship Limerick (8,724grt) sunk by I-177

-Apr. 27-

-US cargo ship Lydia M Childes (7,176grt) sunk by I-178

-Apr. 29-

-Australian cargo ship Wollongbar (2,239grt) sunk by I-180

-Apr. 30-

-US cargo ship Phoebe A. Hearst (7,176grt) sunk by I-19

May, 1943

-May 5-

-Norwegian cargo ship Fingal (2,137grt) sunk by I-180

-May 7-

-Netherlands cargo ship Berakit (6,608grt) sunk by I-27

-May 8-

-Three destroyers are sunk in a minefield laid by USS Breese (DM-18). They are:
Kagero (Cdr Arimoto) 3 miles SW Kolombangara (08.08S 156.56E) 18 dead
Kuroshio (Cdr Nagohide Sugitami) 2 miles SW Kolombangara (08.07S 156.57E) 83 dead
Oyashio (LtCdr Hideo Azuma) 2 miles south of Kolombangara (08.08S 156.57E) 91 dead

-May 14-

-RO-102 (LtCdr Shoji Kaneki) sunk by USS PT-150 in Vitiaz Strait, New Guinea
(06.55N 147.34E)
-British cargo ship Centaur (3,222grt) sunk by I-177. Centaur was serving as a hospital ship

-May 16-

-US cargo ship William K Vanderbilt (7,181grt) sunk by I-19

-May 17-

-US tanker HM Storey (10,763grt) sunk by I-25

-May 23-

-USS Niagara (AGP-1) sunk by Japanese aircraft

-May 24-

-USS PT-165 and USS PT-173 lost aboard the Panamanian tanker S/S Stanvac Manila (10,169grt)
when that ship was sunk by I-17

-May 28-

-I-178 (Cdr Hidejiro Utsugi) sunk by USS SC-669 30 miles west of Espirtu Santo
(15.35S 166.17E)

June, 1943

-June USS Runner (SS-275) missing off NE Honshu

-June 5-

-US cargo ship Montannan (4,898grt) sunk by I-27

-June 8-

-Mutsu (*Capt Teruhiko Miyoshi) sunk by internal explosion in Hiroshima Bay (34.04N 132.20E)
1,222 dead 353 saved

-June 10-

-I-24 (LtCdr Hiroshi Hanabusa) sunk by USS PC-487 40 miles NE Kiska, Aleutians

-June 11-

-USS PT-22 wrecked in Dora Harbor Alaska
-HMAS Wallaroo (J.222) sunk in collision with Henry Gilbert Costin

-June 15-

-I-31 (*Cdr Tadakane Inoue) sunk by USS Edwards (DD-619) 5 miles NE Chichagof Bay, Attu
with 95 dead and no survivors
- British tanker San Ernesto (8,078grt) sunk by I-37

-June 16-

-US cargo ship Portmar (5,551grt) sunk by I-174

-June 17-

-USS SC-740 wrecked off east coast of Australia

-June 19-

- US cargo ship Henry Knox (7,176grt) sunk by I-37

-June 22-

- I-7 (*LtCdr Katsuhiko Nagai) sunk at 2300hrs by USS Monaghan (DD-354) in Viga Bay, Kiska
(51.49N 177.20E) 83 dead and 47 saved

-June 23-

- USS Aludra (AK-72) and USS Diemos (AK-78) sunk by RO-103

-June 24-

- British tanker British Venture (4,096grt) sunk by I-27

-June 28-

- Norwegian cargo ship Dah Pu (1,974grt) sunk by I-27

-June 30-

- USS McCawley (APA-4) damaged by Japanese aircraft, then sunk in error by US PT boats in
Blanche Channel, New Georgia

July, 1943

-July 1-

- RO-107 (*LtCdr Syochi Egi) sunk a 0510hrs by USS Radford (DD-446) 15 miles east of
Kolombangara (08.00S 157.19E)

-July 4-

- USS PT-153 and USS PT-158 wrecked off Munda Point, New Georgia

-July 5-

- USS Strong (DD-467) torpedoed by Japanese destroyers 2 miles west of Rice Anchorage,

-July 6-

- USS Helena (CL-50) is torpedoed 12 miles NE Kolombangara by Suzukaze and Tanikaze
-Niizuki (*Cdr Kiyoshi Kaneda) sunk at 0157hrs 5 miles east of Kolombangara (07.57S 157.17E)
by US S Honolulu (CL-48) with over 300 dead
-Nagatsuki (LtCdr Tameo Furukawa) wrecked 5 miles north of Vila, Kolombangara at 1010hrs
(08.02S 157.12E) with 8 dead

-July 12-

- British cargo ship Rahmani (5,463grt) sunk by I-29

-July 13-

Jintsu (*Capt Sato Torajiro) is sunk by US cruisers at 0145hrs 14 miles north of Kolombangara
(07.41S 157.15E) 484 dead and 3 saved
-USS Gwen (DD-433) sunk by a torpedo from Japanese destroyers 16 miles NE Kolombangara

-July 14-

- I-179 (*LtCdr Hiroshi Yuasa) sunk in accident at Akizaki, Japan (33.40N 132.40E) no survivors

-July 17-

- Hatsuyuki (LtCdr Yoshiru Sugihara) is sunk off Kahili, Bougainville (06.50S 155.47E) by US
Army aircraft 82 dead 120 saved

-July 18-

- USS LST-342 torpedoed by RO-106

-July 20-

- Kiyonami (*Cdr Tokiyoshi Arima) and Yugure (*Cdr Kiyoshimo Kamo) are sunk 42 miles north
of Kolombangara (07.13S 156.45E) by US Army aircraft. There are no survivors from either
ship 428 dead
-USS PT-166 sunk in error by US Army aircraft in Ferguson Passage

-July 22-

-Nisshin sunk by US Army aircraft 17 mile west Cape Alexander, Bougainville (06.35S 156.10E)
-Norwegian cargo ship Alcides (7,634grt) sunk by I-10

-July 27-

- Hirashima sunk by USS Sawfish (SS-276) off Goto Is.,Kyushu (32.32N 127.41E)
-I-168 (*LtCdr Sakae Nakajima) sunk at 1809hrs by USS Scamp (SS-277) 02.50S 149.01E

-July 28-

- Ariake (*LtCdr Akifumi Kawahashi) and Mikazuki (Lt Nitaro Yamazaki) are grounded on
Cape Gloucester, New Britain, then destroyed by US Army aircraft
-RO-103 (*Lt Rikinosuka Ichimura) missing in Solomons

August, 1943


USS Pompano (SS-181) missing off NE Honshu

-Aug. 1-

- USS PT-117and USS PT-164 sunk by Japanese aircraft at Rendova Harbor

-Aug. 2-

- USS PT-109 sunk by Amagiri off Kolombangara Is.

-Aug. 7-

- Arashi (*Cdr Koushichi Sugioka), Hagikaze (LtCdr Masahira Makashi) and Kawakaze
(LtCdr Yoshiro Yanase) are sunk transporting troops 5 miles NW Kolombangara,
Solomons(07.50S 156.55E) 1,210 are saved from the crews and troops

-Aug. 8-

- USS PT-113 and USS PT-172 wrecked on Veale Reef, Tufi, New Guinea

-Aug. 9-

- I-17 (LtCdr Goei Harada) sunk at 1000hrs by HMNZS Tui 40 miles SE Noumea
(23.26S 166.50E) 97 dead 7 saved

-Aug. 13-

-USS John Penn (APA-23) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Guadalcanal
-US cargo ship MH deYoung (7,176grt) is damaged beyond repair by I-19

-Aug. 18-

- USS LST-396 lost by accident off Vella Lavella

-Aug. 25-

- RO-35 (*LtCdr Masateru Manabe) sunk 170 miles SE San Cristobal (12.57S 164.23E) by
USS Patterson (DD-392)

September, 1943

-Sep. 1-

- I-182 (*Cdr Minoru Maibara) sunk by USS Wadsworth (DD-460) off Espirtu Santo
(15.38S 166.57E)

-Sep. 2-

-Mutsure sunk 85 miles NNW Truk (08.40N 157.31E) by USS Snapper (SS-185)

-Sep. 3-

- I-20 (*LtCdr Hitoshi Otsuka) sunk at 2100hrs by USS Ellet (DD-398) 150 miles NE Espirtu Santo
(13.10S 165.28E) no survivors

-Sep. 7-

- USS PT-118 wrecked off Vella Lavella

-Sep. 9-

- USS Grayling (SS-209) rammed and sunk by Hokuan Maru in South China Sea
With the Italian surrender in Europe, two gunboats in the Far East, Lepanto and Carlotto, are taken
over by Japan.

-Sep. 10-

- British tanker Larchbank (5,151grt), HMS MTB-284, and HMS MTB-285 are sunk by I-27. The
MTB's were being carried as deck cargo

-Sep. 11-

- W-16 sunk by mine 60 miles south of Makassar, Celebes (06.08S 119.20E)
-USS Navajo (AT-64) sunk by I-39 145 miles east of Espirtu Santo

-Sep. 14-

- USS PT-219 wrecked at Attu, Aluetians
-Norwegian tanker Bramora (6,361grt) sunk by I-10

-Sep. 15-

- RO-101 (*LtCdr Masataka Fujisawa) sunk by USS Saufley (DD-465) 100 miles east of
San Cristobal (10.57S 163.56E)

-Sep. 17-

- USS PT-136 wrecked on Malai Island, New Guinea

-Sep. 20-

- I-25 (*LtCdr Masaru Kohiga) missing cause unknown 100 dead 0 survivors

-Sep. 21-

- Shirya sunk by USS Trigger (SS-237) 95 miles SE of Keelung, Formosa (26.27N 122.40E)

-Sep. 23-

- Patrol Boat 35 sunk at Lea, New Guinea (06.45S 147.00E) by US Army aircraft

-Sep. 24-

- US cargo ship Elias Howe (7,176grt) sunk by I-10

-Sep. 25-

- USS LST-167 damaged beyond repair off Vella Lavella by Japanese aircraft

-Sep. 26-

- Kasasagi sunk 25 miles south Kabaena Is (05.00S 121.57E) by USS Bluefish (SS-222)

-Sep. 28-

- USS Cisco (SS-290) sunk by Karatsu off Panay, Philippines
- Hoko sunk by aircraft off New Britain 05.00S 154.30E

October, 1943

-Oct. 1-

- USS PT-68 wrecked on Vincke Point, New Guinea
-Norwegian cargo ship Storviken (4,836grt) sunk by I-10

-Oct. 2-

- USS LST-203 wrecked off Nanumea, Ellice Islands

-Oct. 3-

- USS Henley (DD-391) is sunk by RO-108 25 miles north of Cape Ward Hunt, New Guinea

-Oct. 5-

- USS LST-448 sunk by Japanese aircraft off Bougainville

-Oct. 6-

- Yugumo (*Cdr Oosaka Azuma) sunk at 2310 by USS Chevalier (DD-451) off Kolombangara
(07.33S 156.14E) 138 dead 113 saved
- Kazahaya sunk bu USS Tinosa (SS-283) 240 miles NW Truk 10.01N 148.31E

-Oct. 7-

- USS S-44 (SS-155) sunk by Ishigaki off Araito Is, Kamchatka
-USS Chevalier (DD-451) is torpedoed by Yugumo off Vella Lavella
-Ojima sunk

-Oct. 10-

- British cargo ship Sambo (7,176grt) sunk by I-27

-Oct. 11-

- USS Wahoo (SS-238) sunk by W-18, Ch-15 and Ch-43 in La Perouse Strait

-Oct. 17-

German armed merchant cruiser Michel is sunk by USS tarpon (SS-175) off Chichi Jima
(33.42N 140.08E)

-Oct. 18-

- British cargo ship Sambridge (7,176grt) sunk by I-27

-Oct. 23-

- Greek cargo ship Faneromeni (3,404grt) sunk by I-37

-Oct. 24-

- Mochitsuki (LtCdr Goro Iwabuchi) sunk 90 miles SSW of Rabaul (05.42S 151.40E) by US Army
aircraft 10 dead
-British cargo ship Congella (4,533grt) sunk by I-10

-Oct. 27-

-Norwegian tanker Scotia (9,972grt) sunk by I-37

-Oct. 29-

- Greek cargo ship Athina Livanos (4,824grt) sunk by I-27

November, 1943

-Nov. -

- USS Capelin (SS-289) missing in the northern Celebes

-Nov. 2-

- Sendai (*Capt Shoji Kiichiro) sunk by US cruisers at 0400hrs in Empress Augusta Bay,
Bougainville (06.10S 154.19E) 185 dead 311 saved
-Hatsukaze (*Cdr Buichi Ashida) is sunk at 0539 in a collision with Myoko in Empress Augusta
Bay, Bougainville (06.01S 153.58E) with no survivors
-Greek cargo ship Nitsa (4,732grt) sunk by I-27

-Nov. 4-

- Tsukushi sunk by mine off Edmango Is (02.36S 150.34E) laid by USS Silversides (SS-236)

-Nov. 6-

- Ch-11 sunk by US Army aircraft (05.26S 154.35E)

-Nov. 11-

- Suzunami (*Cdr Masao Kamiyama) is sunk at 0820 in Sampson Harbor, Rabual (04.13S 154.03E) by aircracft from USS Saratoga (CV-3) 148 dead
- US cargo ship Cape San Juan (6,711grt) sunk by I-21

-Nov. 13-

- I-34 (*Cdr Tatsushi Irie) sunk at 0730hrs by HMS Taurus 30 miles south of Panang
(05.26N 108.06E) 84 dead 13 saved

-Nov. 16-

- USS Corvina (SS-226) Torpedoed by I-176 off Truk
-Ukishima sunk 11 miles SE of Hatsushima (34.55N 139.22E) possibly by mine laid by
USS Sunfish (SS-281)

-Nov. 17-

- Hie Maru sunk by USS Drum (SS-228) 01.45N 148.45E) off New Ireland
- USS McKean (APD-5 sunk by Japanese aircraft off 19 miles SW of Tarakan Boreno

-Nov. 18-

- Sanae sunk 90 miles south of Basilan Is. (04.53S 122.07E) by USS Bluefish (SS-222)
- Ondo torpedoed by USS Bluefish (SS-222) and beached off Cavite (04.52N 122.07E)

-Nov. 19-

- RO-38 (*LtCdr Shunji Momura) missing
- USS Sculpin (SS-191) sunk by Yamagumo 154 miles north of Truk
- USS SC-1067 foundered off Attu, Aleutians

-Nov. 20-

- USS PT-147 wrecked at Teliata Point, New Guinea

-Nov. 22-

- I-35 (LtCdr Hideo Yamamoto) sunk at 1727hrs by USS Frazier (DD-607) west of Tarawa
(01.22N 172.47E) with 92 dead and 3 saved

-Nov. 23-

- USS PT-322 wrecked off Hardenberg Point, New Guinea

-Nov. 24-

- USS Liscombe Bay (CVE-56) sunk by I-175 off Tarawa
Once again a Japanese destroyer division is ambushed, this time 55 miles south of
Cape St. George, New Britain:
- Onami (*Cdr Kiyoshi Kikkawa) sinks at 0200 (05.15S 153.50) 240 dead 0 saved
- Makinami (*Cdr Toyoji Hitomi) sinks at 0254 (05.14S 153.51E) 28 survivors
- Yugiri (*LtCdr Shuuichi Otsuji) sinks at 0328 (04.44S 154.03E) 242 dead 0 saved

-Nov. 25-

- I-19 (*LtCdr Shigao Kobayashi) is sunk at 2344hrs by USS Radford (DD-446) in the Gilbert
Islands (03.10N 171.55E) with 105 dead and no survivors
- RO-100 (LtCdr Hisao Ogane) sunk by mine 2 miles west of Omai (06.50S 155.58E)

-Nov. 26-

- I-39 (*LtCdr Makio Tanaka) sunk west of Makin Island 03.10N 171.55E

-Nov. 27-

- I-21 (*Cdr Hiroshi Inada) lost by unknown causes about 30 miles SW Tarawa, possibly by
USS Chennango (CVE-28) 101 dead no survivors

-Nov. 29-

- USS Perkins (DD-377) sunk in collision with Australian troop ship Duntroon off eastern
New Guinea

December, 1943

-Dec. 3-

- Numakaze (*Cdr Watanabe Yasumasa) sunk 50 mile ENE Naha, Okinawa (26.29N 128.26E)
by USS Grayback (SS-208) no survivors
- I-40 (*LtCdr Masaru Watanabe) missing, cause unknown

-Dec. 4-

- Chuyo (*Capt Tomasaborou Okura) sunk at 0948hrs by USS Sailfish (SS-192) 260 miles SE
Yokosuka (32.37N 143.39E) 1,250 dead 161 saved

-Dec. 14-

- USS PT-239 sunk by accident at Lambu Lambu, Vella Lavella
- British cargo ship Daisy Moller (4,087grt) sunk by RO-110

-Dec. 20-

- Fuyo sunk 60 miles west of Manila (14.44N 119.55E) by USS Puffer (SS-268)

-Dec. 23-

- Nanyo sunk by US naval aircraft (12.30N 119.30E)
- British cargo ship Peshawur (7,934grt) sunk by RO-111

-Dec. 27-

- USS Brownson (DD-518) sunk 8 miles north of Cape Gloucester, New Britain by
Japanese aircraft

-Dec. 28-

- US cargo ship Robert F Hoke (7,176grt) is damaged beyond repair by I-26