H.I.J.M.S. Shinano by Chris Timony

Specifications for the Shinano class

Model manufacturer: Tamiya 2001 Tooling
Scale: 1/700
Commissioned: August 2002
Extras (Photo-etched etc): Eduard photoetched set and some extra aircraft
from my spares to stock up the hanger and deck.
Any parts rebuilt: I replaced the bridge windows with scribed clear acetate
Manhours from beginning to end: c.30
Currently on display:
Modellers’ difficulty rating: Another fine Tamiya kit – as close to shake
and bake as you can get.
Notes: A good reference is Gakken No. 22 on the Taiho and Shinano. Given the
scarcity of information on this vessel, I decided to include a full airgroup
and show her as she should have been (I know its in the realm of IJN ’46 but
that deck just looked too empty.)