Sponsored Kit Reviews: Mogami
Part Two (in box review):

Hobbylink Japan has supplied J-Ships.com with this kit. Tom's Modelworks has supplied J-Ships.com withthe photo-etched parts for this kit.

Manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Jason Abraham
Model rating: 10/10

Spec Sheet on the Mogami class

New Tamiya Mogami

A Brief History: Part of the Mogami class of heavy cruisers (originally light cruisers with 15 - 6.1" guns) the Mogami was badly damaged aft by American carrier aircraft during the Battle of Midway. Both aft turrets were lost and the ship was taken in hand and converted to a seaplane cruiser. The entire stern section was "planked over" and rails and seaplanes were added. Serving in several theatres during the war the Mogami was in company with the Fuso and Yamashiro, on October 24th, 1944 when they were overwhelmed by American destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The Mogami collided with the Nachi, and fires started by hits obtained earlier ignite 5 torpedoes, she is then fired upon by American light cruisers. She survives this to be bombed by American aircraft the following morning. Abandoned she is torpedoed by a IJN DD and sinks.

Another model from Hobbylink Japan! This one is exquisite!

Overall this model gets a 10 out of 10. The deck, the hull, the bridge, hell, EVERYTHING is molded perfectly. The set comes with
six, count 'em six twin 8" turrets. I have stored these extra 3 turrets in my "modernization of my old fleet" box. Attention is paid to every detail. I have built the Kumano (the light cruiser version of this class) and Tamiya has improved every aspect of this class of ship.

Look back from time to time for when I actually build her.