Kit Reviews: Kumano
(in box review):

Manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Jason Abraham
Model rating: 8.5/10

Spec Sheet on the Mogami class

Coming soon:

Model of the Kumano

Box art for the Kumano and my kit bashing spread!

A Brief History: Up until a few months ago I actually had no real knowledge of the Kumano's roll in the Pacific struggle. Unlike her sisters the Mogami and Mikuma she seemed to lead a "sheltered" life. It wasn't until reading this on Combined Fleet that I really started to realise that she may have been the most sought after target of the four ships in her class. I won't rewrite what has already been written, but it is quite impressive, so take a look. I never understood why these ships were reconfigured as heavy cruisers. I guess there was more prestige in having these ships as heavy cruisers, but other than saving a few tons topside with the lighter twin 8" mounts I've often wondered how they would have fared had they kept their original configuration. 15 - 6" guns looks really nice on them.

I have long wanted this ship. I think she looks nice. I also have the SkyWave Cleveland CL and I plan to build them and display them side by side.


Adding the Main Armament

This is as close to a straight kit build as is possible. The float planes and launches are still missing and I have yet to finishing touching up the paint. I will continue with putting aerials soon.

Overall this kit gets a 8.5 out of 10 as she isn't up to todays standards but she is pretty damn close! The turrets look good and the only real qualm I have is that Tamiya sealed the torpedo bays. I am left with the option to paint them black or do some major reconstruction. Oh well, I always have the new Hasegawa Myoko to satisfy the torpedo tube fetish, lol!

This kit is a work in progress and my first in 5 years! Wish me luck!