H.I.J.M.S. Shinano by Jason Abraham

Specifications for the Shinano class

Kit manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700

Notes: This kit has been 95% complete for nearly a year. The kit is VERY labor intensive out of the box. The supports for each gun tub and range finder must be attached individually! Tweezers please! Needless to say the kit is wonderfully detailled.

I was putting off finishing this ship since I couldn't come up with a paint scheme that I thought worthy of her. A bland grey top was what was historically correct, but all that area - to be left...grey!?! I'm finishing her as though she survived well into 1945. I will add aircraft and post pictures of that when it is complete. Since no one knows for sure what the IJN may have done with her camo my design cannot be dismissed outright. I followed some of the drawings and diagrams on Allans IJN camo site and I think she would have looked like this to a degree. I think of her as a cross between a late war Zuikaku and very late war Unryu class ship when I look at her camo. Love it or hate it, it will definately be a conversation piece.