H.I.J.M.S. Ise

Ships in class (2)
  • Ise
  • Hyuga

  • Dimensions:
  • Disp: 39,453 tons full load
  • LOA: 712'-0"
  • Beam: 112'-5"

  • Performance:
  • SHP: 112,000 (4 shafts)
  • Boilers: N/A
  • Turbines: N/A
  • Top Speed Trials: 30 knots

  • Armor:
  • Sides: N/A
  • Deck: N/A

  • Armament:
  • Main: 4 - 14"" in triple mounts
  • Sec: 20 - 5" in twin mounts
  • Light AAW: 48 - 25mm in triple mounts
  • Torpedo: -

  • Aircraft:
  • Total: 40
  • VF: 40
  • VB: -
  • VT: -
  • Scout: -

  • Flight Specifications:
  • F/D LOA: 451'-0"
  • F/D WOA: 100'-0"
  • Hangars: 2
  • Elevators: 2

  • Operation History:

    Special Notes:
    By 1938 the IJN began to realise that their four oldest battlewagons would not be fit to fight a battle with the ships rolling out of the yards of the USN. The Ise, Hyuga Fuso and Yamashiro were heavily gunned, but poorly protected for attack from enemy battleships and the new threat of aircraft. It was decided to remove the two center turrets on all four ships (the turrets were slated to be used for the Aki class ships) and machinery, armor and additional AAW were to be installed. When the ships emerged from their modernization they were more lightly armed (8 - 14" guns instead of the designed 12 - 14" guns, but their deck and torpedo protection doubled around the ships vitals, speed was increased from 24 knots on a good day to 31 knots and the AAW were augmented considerably. After the destruction of Aircraft Carrier fleet at Midway in 1942 the Japanese took the Ise and Hyuga in hand for conversion into hybrid carrier / battleships. The main concern was designing the ships so aircraft could be handled and launched in the conventional method while still allowing the battleship guns to function. Several designs were laid down and the one finally chosen produced a ship able to carry a substantial number of aircraft and still train the two remaining 14" turrets 180'. The bridge was placed to starboard and the funnel was trunked to port. Although the ships were functional, they were an eye sore. Never finding itself in the position to fire their guns in anger the ships would have been better off becoming full carriers or not converted at all.

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