H.I.J.M.S. Aikawa

Ships in class
  • Aikawa*

  • Dimensions:
  • Disp: 19,326 tons full load
  • LOA: 787'-3"
  • Beam: 71'-1"

  • Performance:
  • SHP: 160,000 (four shafts)
  • Boilers:
  • Turbines:
  • Top Speed Trials: 36 knots

  • Armor:
  • Sides: N/A
  • Deck: N/A
  • Turrets: N/A

  • Armament:
  • Main: 16 - 8" in twin mounts
  • Sec: 8 - 5" DP in twin mounts
  • Ter: -
  • Light AAW: 62 - 25mm in single and triple mounts
  • Torpedo: 10 - 24" torpedoes in two quituple mounts (no reloads)

  • Aircraft:
  • Total: 4
  • Scout: 4 Jake type

  • Operation History:
    The Aikawa was commissioned in January of 1944. She was involved at the debacle at the battle of the Philippines, but escaped untouched. She was credited with single handedly sinking two destroyer escorts and an escort carrier from Taffy 3. She spent the remainder of her career running high speed supply runs with DesRon three to the Empires waining outposts. She was sunk in July 1945 at anchor in Kure Harbor.

    Special Notes:
    Four ships of this class were ordered in 1941. When the Japanese suffered defeat at Midway three for the class were taken in hand for conversion into armored Aircraft Carriers of the Shoyu Class. The Aikawa represented the largest Heavy cruiser built by any navy before or since. By the time of her commisioning she was nearly a white elephant along with the famed battleship. She did, however, play an integral part in the Battle of the Philippines.

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