3D Models by Mr.Waldemar Goralski
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Modeling can be in plastic, wood, resin or metal and, as of May 2014, J-Ship.com is proud to showcase a relatively new form of modeling: 3D Graphic Images. We are proud to announce that we have a new contributor who has a vast collection of 3D models of Imperial Japanese Ships. Waldemar hails from Poland and has graciously allowed J-Ships.com to showcase his skill at 3D graphic modeling. Waldemar has published these images and any many more of several classes of ships in several books from two publishers:

Kagero Publishing Series
AJ Press Publishing Series

One of the things that make Waldemar's work standout is the attention to detail and the fact that he can put the camera right on the deck and give the viewer the unique impression of what it would be like standing on the ship itself.

In order to manage the material he is making available, J-Ships.com will release the collection of Waldemar's images of a single IJN ship at the beginning of each month. May 2014 is our first month and we are proud to display the Japanese heavy cruiser Takao. As an added bonus, as each ship is added, we will be updating the corresponding ship's technical specs page with more complete information supplied by another valued contributor: Jeff Donahoo.

Waldemar Goralski (AKA Waldek) and Piotr Forkasiewicz worked in cooperation on these images, with Piotr adding life to the models with water, light and shadows, smoke and all post-production work.

NEW! June 2014 - Fleet Carrier Taiho

Ship: Taiho Release Month: June 2014 Class Specs
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May 2014 - Heavy Cruiser Takao

Ship: Takao Release Month: May 2014 Class Specs
Click the image above to go to the image gallery page of the Takao by Waldemar