Modeling Tips: A Work In Progress...

Nearly a year ago I stumbled, completely by accident, on a site hosted by a Japanese fellow who went by the handle "Omami". His work with IJN models completely blew me away along with everyone else on the ship and navy board. When I realised what was possible, just with painting techniques, whole new worlds opened up! So, I began this site and decided to contact my good friend Omami and see what he would like to contribute. His answer: "It is a real honor to showcase my work on your website. Please use the photos and articles on my website freely." So I did just that. The following links for different tips and techniques are all off site at Omami's site. Please, browse the incredible work he has done and check out the ships I've showcased of his on the Customizers page. Omami has seriously taken 1/700 scale modeling to the next level and then some.

  • NEW! How to create lifelike water in dioramas
  • How to attach photoetched handrails
  • Remolding of wooden decks
  • Painting of wooden decks
  • Detailing 1/700 scale aircraft: Part I
  • Detailing 1/700 scale aircraft: Part II
  • How to make Loop antenna
  • How to attach antenna lines
  • Refining the IJN ship emblem
  • Here's the link to the framed version of his site: