Kit Reviews: Tamiya Shinano (new mold)
(in box review):

Kit Reviews: Tamiya Shinano
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Sinosauropteryx
Model rating: 10/10

The ship:

Without doubt one of the most famous IJN CVs ever put to sea, Shinano's enormous size, secret construction (not a single photo was taken during her whole construction period, and only a few on her trial in harbor were left) and her ill-fate have attracted the attention of numerous IJN fans. Displacing over 68,000 tonnes during trials, she was the largest aircraft carrier of the world when she was completed at late 1944 (a title she retained unti the mid 1950's). She carried 16-5" AA guns, 105-25mm guns in 35-triple mounts and 12 mounts of 12cm 28-tube rocket lauchers. She was heavily armoured and could carry 47+ planes and numerous ordinance. Designed to be unsinkable, Shinano was hit by four torpedoes from a tiny USN fleet submarine, the USS Archerfish, and went down to the sea bottom during her maiden voyage.

The model:

Sometimes we say the best is yet to come, but after Tamiya marketed the newly tooled 1/700 Shinano, we can say that the best has come. Subsequent to renewing the tools for the BBs Yamato and Musashi, Tamiya did not stop there. Instead of using the new Yamato/Musashi hull as the base, the company chose to manufacture new tools to produce a two-piece hulls for Shinano, and provides the kit with a new hangar deck. Every detail is neatly and finely molded on both sides of the hull and on all parts, and everything in the kit fits perfectly. The planes provided are transparent and you can have clear canopies without the need to do a lot of tedious detailing work. The kit has now been regarded, both in and out of Japan, as the best from the WL series. This model scores a perfect ten and I just hope I can have the time to build it as soon as possible. Highly recommended for every IJN model fan.