Sponsored Kit Reviews: Nagato
Part 0ne (in box review):

Hobbylink Japan has supplied J-Ships.com with this kit. Tom's Modelworks has supplied J-Ships.com withthe photo-etched parts for this kit.

Manufacturer: Aoshima
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Jason Abraham
Model rating: 10/10

Spec Sheet on the Nagato class

Coming soon:
Model of the Nagato

Box art of the new Aoshima Nagato kit

A Brief History

The Nagato... What can you say about her? She was the biggest, baddest battleship afloat at the time of her commissioning. The first battleship with 16 inch guns; she sported eight of them. Even at the time of the outbreak of the Pacific war she was still one of the more heavily armed battleships in the world and, thanks to a complete modernization in the late 1930's, she and her sister were well protected as well. Unfortunately, like most Japanese battleships during the Pacific conflict, she saw little action: being held back while the navy waited for the final "Battle of Jutland" to decide the outcome of the war. Unfortunately, the only real chance at this was during the reinvasion of the Philippines by the Americans in late 1944 and this opportunity was also squandered. The Nagato bears the distinction of being the only Japanese battleship to survive the war. She was later expended in the Bikini nuclear tests. Her wreck can be dove on if you have the money to make the trip.

The Model

Stunned! Wowed! Awe struck! This model is nearly perfect. The detail on the parts is exquisite. The number of parts leaves me tired just thinking of the work involved; the photo-etched accessories sent from Tom's Modelworks scream to be slapped in place. I plan to use Onami's techniques at painting carrier decks when painting the deck of the Nagato and really hope it comes out! I am thoughougly impressed at the work and detail of all the parts in this kit. The track for the main armament range finder is reproduced here and the main turrets are a far cry from the smooth top finish of the older battleship kits. All main and secondary guns sport the canvas covers at their barrel bases. The deck levels are many and finely detailed.

I could only find three VERY MINOR flaws: 1. the hull's port holes are not deep enough and I will need to drill them out; 2. There was flash on one part (the hull again); 3. Two of the main turrets had sink holes on the tops (though very small). Despite these flaws I still give this kit a 10/10 for my "in box" review. Pick up this kit and treat yourself. You deserve it!