Kit Reviews: IJN Type "Koh" (Type A) Destroyer Kagero
(in box and built reviews):

Manufacturer: Nichimo
Scale: 1/200
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Sinosauropteryx
Model rating: 9/10

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Models of the Kagero
Spec Sheet on the Kagero class

Probably the most famous class of the Japanese destroyers which fought in the Pacific War, the Kageros were regarded by the IJN as the ideal destroyers for surface actions. The Kageros were large (2,000t std displacement), powerfully armed (six 5"guns and eight 24"TTs with reloads), fast (35kt) and had a long range (5,000nm at 18kt). All members of this class fought fiercely and admirably in countless surface, air-sea and antisubmarine actions, and all but Yukikaze were gone at the end of the conflict. Kagero was the name ship of the class and was completed in November 1939 at Maizuru Shipyard. After the outbreak of the war, Kagero had seen action in Rabaul, Ceylon, Midway, Guadacanal until she finally went down to the bottom of the sea at Kula Bay in May, 1943. Mr. Allyn Nevitt provides with some insightful notes on this class and other major classes of Japanese destroyers: Kagero class at Combined Fleet

Mr. Haruo Takami of Miyukikai in Japan has done some spectacular line drawings of the Kagero and Yugumo: Kagero and Yugumo details. Those interested may take a look there.

At a length of over 20 inches, and in a scale of 1/200, the Nichimo Kagero kit is a very fine one for modelers. I like it very much, as it is large and looks very elegant. By doing some extra detailing-up work and adding some photo-etched parts, you will have a wonderful ship model. The hull is graceful, and many details are very nicely molded (see the main gun, TTs and Triple 25mm mounts), and you can even have a pair of the legendary long lances! Nichimo also provides buyers with a set of metal stands for this ship. Glue everything in the package of this ship together and spray it with color, and you will have something nice for decoration in your living room.
The kit scores 9 out of 10 in my marking scheme, but I have to admit that I always find bigger ship models (at least 1/500) very "tempting" to me. Nichimo has been producing large-scale model warships for over 30 years and I just hope the firm will go on. Yet the kit is really a good one, and you can find many Japanese modelers display their completed Kagero or converted Yukikaze on the net. It is highly recommended for everyone who has the time and the desire to build a (relatively) large model of the famous "Long Lancers".

One last note: IJN destroyers were named after natural phenomenons, and Kagero means "heat haze" or "shimmer of hot air".