Kit Reviews: Fuso
(in box review):

Manufacturer: MiniCraft
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Jason Abraham
Model rating: 7/10

Spec Sheet on the Fuso class

Coming soon:

Model of the Fuso

Beat up box art for the old Fuso

A Brief History: Originally part of a class of four ships the Fuso finally ended up being the first of two ships (the other two becoming the Ise class). These ships were the most powerful at the time of their commissioning. They were modernized in the late 1930's but were ill equipped and slow for the war they were about to enter into. Neither saw any large scale battles until the Battle of Surigao Strait (October 24-25, 1944) where Admiral Shoji Nishimura put his small flleet into harms way, facing 3 to 1 odds against the Americans in every class 0of ship except heavy cruisers. Why the Admiral didn't wait for the additional cruisers and destroyers 40 miles to his rear to catch up to bolster his numbers is beyond me. Alas, it probably would not have changed a single thing that night except to give the Americans that many more targets. Both ships in this class were sunk that night.

The model is quite dated, but not bad considering. I'm not sure of the models accuracy in layout, but expect some modification would have to be made in light of research on this class since this models release. I am quite sure that I built this ship in my "MUCH" younger days as I was facinated by how unconventional she looked for WWII. The towering bridge, the 6 main mounts (most navies battleships in WWII had a three or four) and just the overall, hodge-podge look of the smaller calliber armament. Kind of like a "Find some corner to put this 5" twin mount" and "Can we squeeze a 25mm gun there?" type of approach to modernization. In fact, the Fuso sported two twin 5" mounts that were higher from the deck than any other ship in any other navy! (I believe it was more than 50' up from the waterline!!!)

Overall this model gets a 7 out of 10. There is not much flash on the smaller parts, and the deck could use more detail. This kit is better than the Hasegawa ships of the same era.

Look back from time to time for when I actually build her.