Kit Reviews: Chidori
(in box review):

Manufacturer: SkyWave
Scale: 1/700
Medium: Plastic Injection
Reviewer: Jason Abraham
Model rating: 9/10

Model of the Chidori


A Brief History: The Chidori was part of a class of torpedo boat piled high with armament. The infamous Tomozuru incident was a ship of this class. When the Tomozuru incident (the ship capsized with great loss of life in the early 1930s in heavy weather) occured all ships were redesigned to be less top heavy. The result are the two ships contained within this box.

I thought it would be interesting to see how these ships were redesigned. With the Chidori as she was configured in 1935 and the Manazuru configered in her late war (1945) guise SkyWave has done it again. More parts are contained within this box than a standard destroyer of the same scale by any other company.

Overall this model gets a 9/10. Unfortunately there is little if any information available on this class of ship so I can't guarantee the accuracy of the ships. Very small, the two ships are both under 12 cm LOA. The price is steep for such small models, but as always, SkyWave has detailed these small hulls considerably.

Look back from time to time for when I actually build these two ships.