Semi Scratch built R/C Yamato by Don Macdonald
(The Rustbucket)

Specifications for the Yamato class

Interesting comments on this model by the modeler:

This the battle ship Yamato . It started out as an 1/250 but ended up as a 1/200 after I went into it. It took about a month to do this. This ship was at about 3 ft with the beam of 5 inches I did not know at the time there was a larger one than the 1/250 scale until I started doing some research. I could not afford what I wanted, so the next best thing to do was work with what I had as I picked this one up at one of the swap meets. It had the Plastic decks with very little detail. It also had a single motor with gear drive (very noisy) no added goodies and it was at 3 ft not 4 ft. OK time to do some of Don's custom work. The first thing I did was pick up another 1/250 complete kit from Pacific Front Hobbies. The next thing to do was look up a set of plans for the 1/200. Not a problem at all for me since a buddy of mine had a set handy. Then it was time to figure out where to cut and start and what to use for expanding. I knew they did it with real ship so there was no reason I could not do it with a model . I then figured out where to cut and off I went to build a new custom 1/200 ship. I added new ribs, and then resided it and glassed it. You can not tell where it was cut for it looks good inside as well. I added new ribs, a new complete deck, and used wood instead of the plastic. Completely rebuilt the main guns, and set up the turrets to turn back and forth, Then added a new working radar to rotate as well as a complete of set of lights inside and out. Then added about an inch and redid the superstructure. Then I completely re-did the motor, set up by adding four small 12 volt motors and got rid of the single gear box. It works much better now. I added a lot more detail on the ship and a crew and added a lot of other little goodies. So now I have a one-of-a-kind 1/200 custom scale Yamato. Note the picture of my USS Pampanito stocking it for a fight. Power is a 12 volt jell cell, with a manual speed control and a 4 channel radio.

Special note: Don is planning on adding even more detail to the Yamato. Check back for new pictures occassionally.