R/C Models of IJN ships

What is the allure of R/C models? Many think them toys, but I know better! R/C ships are the final stage in model building. Oh yeah, you can put photo-etched parts on all the ships you want and paint them up so nice you might be inclined to take 'em out on a Saturday night... ummm, maybe not... but until you have scratch built a vessel than operates much like a real ship does: ballasts, props, batteries- well, not batteries- but until you've built yourself on R/C ship and gone down to the lake (don't forget the swimming trunks in case she isn't as watertight as you'd hoped) and put your ship-building and engineering skills to the ultimate test you haven't completed your own modeling evolution.

I, myself, hope to one day complete at least one IJN R/C scratch built ship and maybe I'll build one for each of my two sons too! Ahhh, if only there were 48 hours in a day and I didn't have to pay for them to go to college...

Possible ships:

Zuiho: 1/72 (final LOA 9.89')
Aoba: 1/72 (final LOA 8.44'')
Yamashiro: 1/72 (final LOA 9.69')

I can dream can't I?