Site Sponsors, Partners and other Links

The Internet is full of information; if you have the time to look for it! If you need any more information on the Imperial Japanese Navy ships, aircraft, modeling etc, etc, and don't have the time, peruse the list below!


Supplying us with a model each month for review puts Hobby Link Japan in our "Sponsors" category. I have purchased from Hobby Link Japan and found the selection, service, prices AND delivery time excellent. They have recently posted a stream-lined customer account section allowing you to print your old order invoices and track the progress of your current orders. Very cool!
Check out the site and I'll let you be the judge.

Supplying us with a photo-etch set each month for the kit sent by Hobby Link Japan, Tom's Modelworks is the newest member of J-Ships sponsors! With products found at any reputable hobby shop, Tom has made a name for himself as a producer of quality products that extends much further than photo-etched sets.
Check out the site and view his selection of all things models.

Partners are sites that share information with us, share a common interest or support our site in another way. Dave Pluth and I had tossed around the idea of a site for a few months and I finally put my money where my mouth was and got to work. From the "Ship and Navy" board on his site I realized the large number of surfers looking for information on modeling and Japanese ships. It was for this reason that the idea of came to fruition. Jon Parshall and his crew have put together THE English language site on the IJN. This was the first and only site I frequented for any and all information on Japanese ships. From TROMs (Tabular Records of Movement) for most ships to battleship comparisons for all navies during WWII Jon has done well. Timothy Dike has had an "All navy" modeling site up for all to see for as long as I can remember. He, and his crew, have interesting articles on all types of subjects, reviews and in progress walk-thru's on building several ship models. Omami (H. Murai) has put together THE MOST SICKENING DISPLAY OF RAW MODELING TALENT on the Net to date!!! His models and techniques are displayed on our site and his. Jarek has put together a site dedicated to putting as much information about ship specifications as possible. His Japanese section is probably the largest and most complete on his site. Our spec sheets are great for quick reference, but Jareks' are detailed down to schematics on each classes armor schemes! Another great Japanese site dedicated to "Extreme" model ship building. T.Kimoto has dedicated many hours to researching, building and expanding his web site. Bill Giordano has started up a web based model retail company here in North America. Check out his site for some great deals on all things not just IJN related.


Allan Parry's IJN Camouflage site. If you're looking for some well researched, late war, IJN carrier camo, look no further. Allan has put several documents on the schemes and ideas of the late war camouflage patterns of the IJN into electronic format for you to use!

More soon!