H.I.J.M.S. Zuiho by Chris Timony

Specifications for the Zuiho class

Model manufacturer: Hasegawa
Scale: 1/700
Commissioned: November 2002
Extras (Photo-etched etc): Toms Modelworks photoetch set for the
Any parts rebuilt: The deck elevators were carefully cut out and a
scratchbuilt double hanger was added.
Manhours from beginning to end: over 50 hours most of this was spent on the
hanger structure.
Currently on display:
Modellers’ difficulty rating: The basic kit will not cause any problems to
anyone so long as they do not do anything as stupid as trying to shoehorn a
double hanger into it. The worst part was separating the elevators from the
flightdeck, as this was the make or break point in construction.
Notes: The box top artwork provided the information for the rigging. Photos
in Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy Volume 7 published by Kojinsha
provided many of the details. One of the most useful pictures was that of
the carrier Ryuho in the process of scrapping, this showed the construction
of the double hangers in small Japanese carriers.