H.I.J.M.S. Mogami by Chris Timony

Specifications for the Mogami class.

Model manufacturer: Tamiya 2002 tooling
Scale: 1/700
Commissioned: February 2003
Extras (Photo-etched etc): Pitroad Photoetch set for the Mogami
Any parts rebuilt: Modifications to fit the Pitroad details. The ship was
fitted out as it appeared after the 25 June 1944 refit including its full
radar and AA equipment. The flight deck supports were also replaced with
finer material.
Manhours from beginning to end: 20-25 approx.
Currently on display:
Modellers’ difficulty rating: Shake the box to construct the basic model.
The photo etch is delicate and will not take any abuse but it is fairly
straightforward to use as it does not require massive butchery of the kit
(Apart from cutting out the bridge windows).
Notes: The new Tamiya model represents the Mogami just after her conversion
to an aircraft cruiser, around May 1943. However I wished to show the vessel
in her final form including full AA suite and Type 13, Type 21 and Type 22
radar antennae. Best reference for any detail work is Lacroix and Wells
“Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War”. Also very useful is the translation
of the Mogami’s TROM by Bob Hackett and Sander Kingsepp which may be found
at combinedfleet.com