H.I.J.M.S. Junyo by Chris Timony

Specifications for the Hiyo class.

Model manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700
Commissioned: August 2002
Extras (Photo-etched etc): GMM IJN aircraft carrier and IJN auxiliary
vessels sets
Any parts rebuilt: New scratchbuilt double hangers installed with more
detail than the original in the kit. The rocket launchers were removed and
the forward triple 25mm AA mounts moved back into their position as I wanted
to show the Junyo in June 1944 (around the Battle of the Marianas).
The main mast is a photoetched item intended for the Chitose. It is so
similar in outline to that found on the Junyo that I used it instead of the
bulky plastic one in the kit.
Manhours from beginning to end: between 30 and 35
Currently on display:
Modellers’ difficulty rating: The basic kit is still very good even if it is
dated 1979. It is nice to see that the Tamiya designers included a basic
hanger. It was the main feature that originally sold me the kit (well that
and it being a Japanese aircraft carrier!)
Notes: This is a very simple conversion to backdate the Junyo to Mid 1944
when she last operated usefully with the fleet. “Random Japanese Warship
Details” by Tamiya provides a detailed drawing of the island structure of