Escort Duties by Chris Timony

Aerial photo taken by U.S.S Enterprise reconnaisance plane June 14th, 1945*

The diorama is called 'Escort Duties' and shows the Otori and Hayabusa in harbour with the Sakura tied to mooring bouys. Finally there is an Ukuru class escort pulling away from the quayside and churning up sediment from the sea bed.

All of the ships are kits - Otori and Hayabusa are from the Skywave kit which contains two Otori class escorts. The Ukuru is also a Skywave product. The Sakura is the recent Tamiya kit.

Each of the vessels have had the bridge detailled and the masts replaced with fine brass wire.

*This is not an actual black and white photo, but Jason having some fun with Adobe Photoshop!