Manouvering Fleets by Bob Weymouth

1/1200 scale fleet

Entire Kido Butai

"Here are a selection of my 1/1200 Japansese capital ships shot with a digital camera and processed with Pixela.

These models are made by Superior Incorporated. The A-150's were commissioned in the past six months. The Yamato, Tosa, Nagato and Fuso have been in commission for at least 5 years (pardon the dust). No extras were added except to one A-150 in which I placed three recon a/c and two sets of boats (for maintenance) on the a/c rails.

All these models require is drilling holes for turrets, and masts and painting which is a lot of fun. Average time to complete is about a day, basically to allow paint to dry and then dullcote them."