H.I.J.M.S. Junyo by Jason Abraham

Ship Name: Junyo
Model manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1/700
Date Commissioned: June 1990 (approx)
Extras (Photo-etched etc): none
Any parts rebuilt: none
Manhours from beginning to end (this is approximately, of course): 10
Currently on display: My house
Modellers rating:
Special notes: I put Zuiho's late war camo scheme on the Junyo since I was young and foolish and LOVED the design of it. Also, now we all know that these are not the colours of the original camo of the Zuiho.
I attempted a rather sad attempt at bomb damage (don't get me wrong I'm still immensly proud of the ship) as the deck would have probably buckled upwards instead of down, but I must have had good karma at the time as Junyo was actually damaged by a bomb in this general area during her service! All I'd have to do to make her more realistic is mangle the funnel as it was damaged in this same attack.